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Satellite TV: Free Dish Network

Satellite TV has seen a huge surge in popularity in the recent decade. Its advances in channel, broadcast, and XM Satellite radio access, plus technology, make it the most popular choice of home television entertainment.
Obtaining satellite TV requires a subscription from a satellite TV provider. There are two major satellite TV providers: DirecTV and Dish Network. Both companies offer subscribers the chance to create their own satellite TV system that best suits their needs, and both offer attractive specials, deals, and rebates. Dish Network, however, is becoming popular as people circulate the appealing "free Dish Network" deal associated with it.

The Free Dish Network Offer
You will not find any mention of free Dish Network on the actual Dish Network website. That's because these free Dish Network offers are available through authorized online Dish Network retailers. These retailers operate mostly through the internet and offer competitive deals to entice new customers, as is the case with the "free Dish Network" deal. Although touted as "free", the free Dish Network deal is a marketing plan designed to attract new subscribers and does not offer a free subscription. Here's how the free Dish Network deal works:

Firstly, you must be a first-time Dish Network customer. When you commit to a year-long subscription, you receive:

  • Free satellite TV equipment;
  • Free standard professional installation in up to 4 rooms;
  • Free upgrades to HDTV (high definition television) satellite receivers;
  • A reimbursement for your activation fee with your first Dish Network bill.

In the case of the free Dish Network offer, "free" does not mean there is no monthly charge. Monthly subscription fees still apply. The activation fee, which is approximately $49.99, is paid, but through the free Dish Network offer, credited back to you with the arrival of your first Dish Network bill.

Using the Free Dish Network Offer

By doing a search for "free Dish Network" on the internet, you will come in contact with several websites advertising the free Dish Network deal. These websites should be those of authorized Dish Network retailers. Other websites touting such a deal are most likely scams. Subscribing to Dish Network through these authorized websites is almost identical to ordering it through the actual Dish Network website. To use the free Dish Network deal, potential subscribers may need to provide a coupon code. Dish Network may also be subscribed to via telephone, and potential subscribers should mention the free Dish Network deal they found on the provider's website.

Free Dish Network Scams

Unfortunately, satellite TV scams have grown with the popularity of satellite television subscriptions, and many unlawful deals are being advertised. In the case of the "free Dish Network" deal, this name in itself can be misleading. "Free" only refers to installation and some equipment, but monthly subscription fees still apply, and installation fees must still be paid but will eventually be reimbursed. Many subscribers fail to take note, or are failed to be informed of, the monthly subscription fee associated with the "free Dish Network" deal. Some people may assume that free is free, and their Dish Network subscription will not cost them anything. This however is a misconception.
When looking for free Dish Network, of other Dish Network deals, be wary of providers or salespeople that make offers such as these:

  • Any subscription offers over the phone should be handled with caution;
  • Any offer that is touted as being "completely free";
  • Any offer given by a door-to-door salesperson should be handled with caution, as they often advertise their systems as "free" without divulging monthly fees or required rebates.
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