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The latest in portable video devices

Portable video devices have become big business in the electronics world.What was once the providence of just a few people who owned heavy, cumbersome video devices has now become convenient and more importantly affordable for most people. A number of companies are showing off their new products which include small, battery operated video players of all different shapes and sizes. There are a huge number of new devices that run on the latest Windows Media Center software.In addition the kings of portable video have showed up on the market with new designs from European manufacturer Archos and of course the video iPods from Apple. Here are just a few:

- European manufacturer Archos has some interesting products on the market. The main star of the Archos line is the Archos 405 that holds its own as one of the best portable video players for under $200.In addition there are several upgrades in memory that improve the storage capacity and play quality in each player.Archos 405 comes in 2GB-80GB.Most experts agree that the Archos 605 with WiFi portable video player is one of the best mobile video players' money can buy. Prices range from $135-$433 at most retail locations.

- Perhaps the most popular is the Apple iPod and with Touch being the newest incarnation the market seems ready to accept another Apple product.Most experts agree that the iPod Touch is a beautiful product, inside and out but with one problem unfortunately, its lean capacity keeps it from reigning as king of the iPods. With only 8GB many users complain that the touch simply cannot hold the material to make it worth the increased cost.The corner on the Apple market continues to be held by the iPod classic with its 80GB of memory.This iPod is one that put Apple portable video on the map. It's high quality storage capacity, battery life and advanced user interface continues to be unmatched. Of course for the ultimate in video enjoyment hard core users can upgrade to the Apple iPod that has 160 GB.
- One of the hottest lines on the market in portable video devices is ZVUE from HandHeld Entertainment. One of the stars of their line is a very small handheld video playback device that sells for about $99. This newest incarnation seems to have addressed the problems of video content and battery life being somewhat limited. The most affordable new ZVUE is the Model 200A, which now supports Windows Media Video and audio files.This portable video is the least expensive handheld device on the market to do so. For just $99 you get a 2.5-inch color screen, two USB slots and two earphone jacks.
- For another great option in portable video devices you may want to consider the SanDisk Sansa View (8GB).This is a great option if you value features and price over a flashy interface and excellent sound quality.For great all around video quality the SanDisk Sansa View digital media player is definitely worth a look.This portable video device is easy to use and offers a relatively large screen and a memory expansion option.For slightly more the interested user can upgrade to the SanDisk Sansa View with 16 GB of memory. Prices range from $139-$235 dollars in most retail outlets.
- Phillips has introduced a line for those looking for great quality playback over a compact form factor. With lots of features the Philips GoGear SA6545 is a feature-filled MP3 player that will satisfy despite its size. With 1 to 4 GB of memory available there is a size for everyone.Prices range from $89-$133 dollars at most retail locations.

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