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Using the latest computer technology

Computer technology is always advancing.There are so many things you can do on a computer now that weren't available a couple decades ago.Some of the latest computer technology would include networking, the Internet, software, using two monitors, USB drives, and DVD/CD drives.

You can network two or more computers together.This allows you to share information between computers.You can either have a wired or a wireless network.Both will require the purchase of a router.If you use a wired network, you will have to connect each computer to the router.If you use wireless, you will need to set up the network on each computer, but you will not need any cords connected from your computers to the router.

The Internet has opened up the communication world.There are so many things available with the Internet.Internet that is connected to a phone line has been out for awhile now, but wireless Internet is fairly new.You can connect to the Internet now without using a telephone line.This requires your computer to have a wireless card.Wireless network also requires a router.If you are at home or in your office, you will need to get one installed.There are some places you can go that provide free Wireless access, such as libraries and cafes.

New software is coming out everyday.If you are installing new programs on your computer, it would be a good idea to run a virus check before installing programs.You can download some software on-line from certain websites.If you do this, you definitely need to check for a virus before downloading.Be very careful which programs you install on your computer, especially if they are programs from on-line.There are so many viruses out there that can destroy your computer.To help you protect your computer against a virus, you should have anti-virus software installed on your computer.

Two Monitors:
You can set up one computer to two monitors.This doubles the amount of information you can see on your computer.The same mouse will work for both monitors.You can be doing something on one monitor and you can be doing something totally different on the second monitor.

USB Drives:
USB stands for universal serial bus.USB drives allow other devices (such as a camera, hand held, or music player) to connect to your computer.You can put pictures from your digital onto your computer by using a USB cord.You can also store information on what are called "jump drives."They plug into a USB port in your computer.You can then transfer information from computer to computer without much hassle.

DVD/CD Drives:
There are so many things you can do with DVDs and CDs.Not only can you watch DVDs on your computer and listen to CDs, you can make them yourself.Burning CDs has been around for awhile, but burning DVDs is a recent advancement.By burning, we are talking about putting information from your computer onto your CD or DVD.You can create videos using Video Software.You can "burn" them to a DVD when you are done.You have to have a DVD burner installed on your computer in order to do this.There are DVDs that are rewritable and ones that you can only burn information on once.Some DVD burners are R+, some are R- , and others are R +/-.If you are burning a DVD, make sure you have the correct DVD to burn.R+ recorders will only burn on R+ dvds.R- recorders will only burn on R- dvds, and R+/- will burn on either dvd.

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