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What are iso files


Many parts of technology can be very confusing. Many people may not know what an iso file is. It is actually surprising how simple it really is. An iso file is actually just a disk image. An iso file can be thought of a "zip" or "cab" file, not including the compression. So, an iso file actually contains the image of a disk, meaning that it contains every file and folder that the disk had. The iso is actually an exact, or byte-for-byte, copy of the data that was actually stored on a disk.

Raw data

The iso format doesn't know anything about the actual folders, files, and formats. It is considered raw data directly from the disk. Programs have to interpret the raw data so that the folder, files, and format are known, that is where people encounter questions about how to use iso files.

Open an iso file

Iso files are very frequently used to distribute DVD and CD images. If a person uses a DVD or CD buring program they can rite the iso disk image to a disk. After burning the images to the CD or DVD the person will be able to see all the folders and files that were contained on the images from the iso file.

Another way to view the images from the iso file is by mounting the iso file as if it were a disk. Most of the utilities that are able to mount the iso file as a disk drive will only make the folders and files available only to read. This may not be the best way to get the images from an iso file.

Since iso files are very closely like zip or cab files, a person can extract the contents of the iso files by using archiving utilities. Using the extraction function on the iso file will allow a person to extract the content of the iso files. They are also able to get some of the information or all of it.

How to create iso files

It is easy to create an iso file of disks or CDs. This can especially be used as an easy way to backup a person's computer. A lot of CD and DVD burning software actually already include a way to create or rip an iso image. The software, ImgBurn is one that works particularly well and is very easy to use. A person just needs to insert their CD and tell ImgBurn where to put the iso file and what to name it. It is as easy as pushing a few buttons.

Adding folders or files

A person can edit the contents of an iso file. To edit the contents of an iso file a person must use a program. Programs such as WinISO or UltraISO will allow a person to edit an iso file. There are a couple of reasons why someone would want to edit information in the ISO file that they've used to back up their office suite etc. Creating a text file with CD key is a good idea just in case the CD case with the CD key of a person's office suite gets lost. If a person loses the CD case as well as the original program, having a backup only of the program will not help them. Using WinISO or UltraISO can open the iso file and add folders or files just like the text file with the CD key.

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