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What are the key abbreviations used in instant messaging?

In order to be proficient at instant messaging you will need to know the key abbreviations.Instant messaging has become one of the most popular means of communicating.It's as simple as chat, with the privacy of email.Additionally, you don't have to wait for a message so you can have a two way conversation like a phone.

You may choose from several different instant message providers.AOL Instant Messenger is currently the most popular instant messaging service you can find.Also, you don't have to be an AOL customer to participate in the instant message service.MSN Messenger is a simple program and if you already have a Microsoft Passport account you may already have a Messenger account.ICQ is more advanced and allows for file transfers, chat rooms or one on one chat along with other features.

The language for instant messaging and texting are exactly the same.Because the mediums of communication changed, the rise of a new language tailored specifically for quick and compact communication has developed.Have you ever visited a chat room on the internet and felt like you didn't know the language?It may be because you didn't know the language of instant messaging.

The following are the popularly excepted instant message abbreviations.

Abbreviation =Meaning
A3= Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAF =As a matter of fact
AAK= Asleep at the keyboard
AAMOI= As a matter of interest
AAP= Always a pleasure
AAR= At any rate
AAS= Alive and smiling
ACK= Acknowledge
ADD= Address
AND= Any day now
AEAP= As early as possible
AFAIK= As far as I know
AFK= Away from keyboard
AFPOE= A fresh pair of eyes
AIGHT= Alright
AISB = As it should be
AKA= Also known as
ALCON= All concerned
AML= All my love
AOTA= All of the above
ASAP= As soon as possible
ASL= Age/sex/location
AT= At your terminal
ATM= At the moment
AWOL= Away without leaving
AYEC= At your earliest convenience
AYOR= At your own risk
AYSOS= Are you stupid or something
AYTMTB= And you're telling me this because

B/F= Boyfriend
B4= Before
B4N=Bye for now
BAK= Back at keyboard
BAU= Business as usual
BB= Be back
BBIAF= Be back in a few
BBIAM= Be back in a minute
BBIAS= Be back in a sec
BBL= Be back later
BBS= Be back soon
BBT= Be back tomorrow
BC= Because
BCNU= Be seein' you
BCOS= Because
BF= Best friend
BDN= Big damn number
BFN= Bye for now
BG= Big grin
BGWM= Be gentle with me
BIOYN= Blow it out your nose
BLNT= Better luck next time
BM&Y= Between me and you
BOL= Best of luck
BPLM= Big person little mind
BRB= Be right back
BRT= Be right there
BTA= But then again
BTDT= Been there, done that
BTW= By the way

CMIIW= Correct me if I'm wrong
CMON= Come on
COB= Close of business
COS= Because
C/P= Cross post
CR8= Create
CRB= Come right back
CRBT= Crying really big tears
CU= See you
CUA= See you around
CUL= See you later
CUL8R= See you later
CWYL= Chat with you later
CYA= See ya
CYO= See you online

D/L= Download
DL= Download
DEGT= Don't even go there
DIKU= Do I know you?
DQMOT= Don't quote me on this
DTS= Don't think so
DV8= Deviate

EBKAC= Error between keyboard and chair
EF4T= Effort
EG= Evil grin
EMA= E-mail address
EMFBI= Excuse me for butting in
EMSG= E-mail message
ENUF= Enough
EOD= End of day
EOM= End of message
EVA= Ever
EZY= Easy

F2F= Face to face
F2T= Free to talk
FBM= Fine by me
FC= Fingers crossed
FICCL= Frankly I couldn't care a less
FISH= First in, still here
FOMCL= Falling off my chair laughing
FITB= Fill in the blank
FRT= For real though
FWIW= For what it's worth
FYEO= For your eyes only
FYI= For your information

G= Grin
G/F= Girlfriend
G2CU= Good to see you
G2G= Got to go
G2R= Got to run
G9= Genius
GA= Go ahead
GAL= Get a life
GB= Goodbye
GBU= God bless you
GDR= Grinning, ducking, and running
GD/R= Grinning, ducking, and running
GFI= Go for it
GG= Gotta Go or Good Game
GIAR= Give it a rest
GIGO= Garbage in, garbage out
GL= Good luck
GL/HF= Good luck, have fun
GLNG= Good luck next game
GMTA= Great minds think alike
GOI= Get over it
GOL= Giggling out loud
GR8= Great
GR&D= Grinning, running and ducking
GT= Good try
GTG= Got to go
GTRM= Going to read mail

H&K= Hugs and kisses
H2CUS= Hope to see you soon
H8= Hate
HAGN= Have a good night
HAGO= Have a good one
HAND= Have a nice day
HF= Have fun
HHIS= Head hanging in shame
HOAS= Hold on a second
HRU= How are you?
HTH= Hope this helps
HV= Have

IAC= In any case
IANAL= I am not a lawyer
IB= I'm back
IB= I'm back
IC= I see
ICBW= It could be worse
IDK= I don't know
IDTS= I don't think so
IDUNNO= I don't know
IG2R= I got to run
IIRC= If I remember correctly
ILBL8= I'll be late
ILU= I love you
ILY= I love you
IM = Instant message
IMHO= In my humble opinion
IMNSHO= In my not so humble opinion
IMO= In my opinion
IMS= I am sorry
INAL= I'm not a lawyer
IOW= In other words
IRL= In real life
IRMC= I rest my case
IUSS= If you say so
IYKWIM= If you know what I mean
IYO= In your opinion
IYSS= If you say so

j00r= Your
JAC= Just a sec
JIC= Just in case
JJA= Just joking around
JK= Just kidding
JMO= Just my opinion
JP= Just playing

K8T= Katie
k/b= Keyboard
KB= Keyboard
KISS= Keep it simple, stupid
KIT= Keep in touch
KOC= Kiss on cheek
KOTC= Kiss on the cheek
KOTL= Kiss on the lips
KNIM= Know what I mean?

l33t= Leet, meaning "elite"
L8R= Later
LD= Later, dude / Long distance
LERK= leaving easy reach of keyboard
LMAO= Laughing my a** off
LOL= Laughing out loud
LTM= Laugh to myself
LTNS= Long time no see
LYLAS= Love you like a sis

M8= Mate
MFI= Mad for it
MorF= Male or female?
MoS= Mother over shoulder
MSG= Message
MTF= More to follow
MTFBWU= May the force be with you
MUSM= Miss you so much
MYOB= Mind your own business

n00b= Newbie
N1= Nice one
NBD= No big deal
NE= Any
NE1= Anyone
NFM= None for me / Not for me
NIMBY= Not in my back yard
NLT= No later than
NM= Nothing much / Never mind
NMH= Not much here
NO1= No one
NOYB= None of your business
NP= No problem
NRN= No response/reply necessary
NVM= Never mind
NW= No way
NW)= No way out

OIC= Oh, I see
OMG= Oh my God
OMW= On my way
OO= Over and out
OOH= Out of here
OOTD= One of these days
OP= On phone
OTB= Off to bed
OTL= Out to lunch
OTOH= On the other hand
OTT= Over the top
OTTOMH= Off the top of my head
OTW= Off to work
OVA= Over

PCM= Please call me
PDQ= Pretty darn quick
PLMK= Please let me know
PLS= Please
PLZ= Please
PM= Private Message
PMFI= Pardon me for interrupting
PMFJI= Pardon me for jumping in
POAHF= Put on a happy face
POS= Parent over shoulder
PPL= People
PROLLY= Probably
PRT= Party
PRW= People/parents are watching
PTL= Praise the Lord
PTMM= Please tell me more
PXT= Please explain that
PU= That stinks!

Q= Queue
QIK= Quick
QT= Cutie

RL= Real life
RME= Rolling my eyes
ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing
ROTFL= Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLUTS= Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
RSN= Real soon now
RUOK= Are you okay?

SAL= Such a laugh
SC= Stay cool
SETE= Smiling Ear-to-Ear
SICNR= Sorry, I could not resist
SIG2R= Sorry, I got to run
SIS= Snickering in silence
SIT= Stay in touch
SLAP= Sounds like a plan
SMHID= Scratching my head in disbelief
SNAFU= Situation normal all fouled up
SO= Significant other
SOL= Sooner or later
SOMY= Sick of me yet?
SOTMG= Short of time, must go
SPK= Speak
SPST= Same place, same time
SRY= Sorry
SS= So sorry
SSDD= Same stuff, different day
SSINF= So stupid it's not funny
STR8= Straight
STW= Search the Web
SUITM= See you in the morning
SUL= See you later
SUP= What's up?
SYL= See you later

T+ = Think positive
TA= Thanks a lot
TAFN= That's all for now
TAM= Tomorrow a.m.
TBC= To be continued
TBD= To be determined
TBH= To be honest
TC= Take care
TGIF= Thank God it's Friday
THX= Thanks
THNX= Thanks
THNQ= Thank-you
TIA= Thanks in advance
TIAD= Tomorrow is another day
TLK2UL8R= Talk to you later
TMB= Text me back
TMI= Too much information
TMOT= Trust me on this
TMWFI= Take my word for it
TNSTAAFL= There's no such thing as a free lunch
TPM= Tomorrow p.m.
TPTB= The powers that be
TSTB= The sooner, the better
TTFN= Ta ta for now
TTTT= These things take time
TTYL= Talk to you later
TTYS= Talk to you soon
TU= Thank you
TY= Thank you
TYT= Take your time
TYVM= Thank you very much

UCMU= You crack me up
UGTBK= You've got to be kidding
UKTR= You know that's right
UL= Upload
UR= Your / You're
UV= Unpleasant visual
UW= You're welcome

VEG= Very evil grin
VFM= Value for money
VGC= Very good condition
VIP= Very important person
VM= Voice mail
VSF= Very sad face

WAM= Wait a minute
WAN2TLK= Want to talk
WAYF= Where are you from?
W/B= Write back
WB= Welcome back
WC= Who cares
WCA= Who cares anyway
WIBNI= Wouldn't it be nice if
WDALYIC= Who died and left you in charge
WDYK= What do you know
WIIFM= What's in it for me?
WISP= Winning is so pleasurable
WITW= What in the world
WIU= Wrap it up
WK= Week
WKD= Weekend
WRT= With regard to
WOMBAT= Waste of money, brains and time
WRK= Work
WRUD= What are you doing?
WTB= Wanted to buy
WTF= What the f*ck
WTG= Way to go
WTH= What the heck?
WU?= What's up?
WUCIWUG= What you see is what you get
WUF?= Where are you from?
WWJD= What would Jesus do?
WWYC= Write when you can
WYLEI= When you least expect it
WYSIWYG= What you see is what you get

X = Kiss
XLNT = Excellent

YA = Your
YBS = You'll be sorry
YCMU = You crack me up
YGBKM = You've got to be kidding me
YKWYCD = You know what you can do
YMMV = Your mileage may vary
YR = Your
YR = Yeah right
YRYOCC = You're running your own cookoo clock
YSYD = Yeah sure you do
YW = You're welcome

ZZZZ = Sleeping (or bored)

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