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Where can I sign up for VoIP services?

With the growing popularity of VoIP and the VoIP hybrids, you can sign up with any VoIP service providers in about any area in the world, through many companies.

VoIP can be gotten from providers from all over the world. As long as you have a broadband connection, a high-speed connection would be best, and the soft phone, or the ATA adapter, you can have VoIP.

The minimum requirements for your Internet connection must be 64 kbps, however it is much better to have a 128 kbps up load and download bandwidth.

Since you use the adapter, ASDL model, and router, you do not need to have a computer to sign up for VoIP. Therefore, you can simply contact the service provider in you area and choose the right package that will suit your calling needs.

You can call the providers in your area; you can also go onto the Internet and sign up. There are also locations you can go into to sign up.

If you are going with the traditional computer-to-computer form of VoIP, you can sign up with your computer online simply by downloading the software you want to use. This would be like Skype, Yahoo, Ventrillo, etc.

If you specifically want to get a VoIP phone that can be used anywhere there is a broadband connection, you can go online to the provider of your choices web site and pick out a good phone. Some phones that have had good reviews are the Linksys 921 and the Snom 360. Remember that as long as you are going with using your computer, you can sign up and talk with a microphone and headset right from your computer.

The process of signing up with your service provider for VoIP is very simple. Some VoIP providers will auto-configure your phone remotely. Alternatively you can use the phone's keypad to see or configure its IP address and then use a browser to set other information, typically the address of the provider's SIP server and registration server and a user id and password.

The neither FCC nor State regulates the VoIP services. Therefore, as long as you can have the broadband Internet connection in your area, and you have the equipment you need, you can have VoIP service.

If you want to keep an eye on the governments involvement with VoIP, you can go to and see if there are any changes in the regulation on VoIP and if there are any limitations set up for the installation and use. However, at this time there is no tax, location or federal regulations controlling the usage.

Another easy way to make sure where you can sign up for VoIP services is to contact the VoIP service providers in your area and ask them. If you do not have a high-speed connection for the Internet available in your area, it is a good idea to contact the local broadband companies and find out when the cable or DSL lines will be available in your area.

Here is a list of many of the worldwide providers that you can choose to call and find out what you can use to sign up.

Sun Rocket
Via Talk
VoIP Your Life
Mondo Talk
Vonics Digital
Packet 8

You can also check with your broadband Internet services to make sure you can get a high-speed connection if you do not have one. They would be the companies that provide your DSL, Cable or other Internet connection. It is possible to use a wireless Internet connection or dial-up connection to the Internet, but the reliability and quality may be less than favorable.

There are VoIP and broadband providers all over the world. Many locations all over the world have providers. A good site to look at in order to see if there is a provider in your area is

If you are not able to purchase the VoIP equipment in your area, or cannot find what you want to use, it is also possible to have a friend in the US get the equipment and send it to you. I am not sure how this would work for your area, but it is being done.

So there it is, VoIP services are available any where you can have a broadband internet connection and one of three ways to connect, a computer with microphone and head set, a VoIP phone or a regular phone with the adapter.

Signing up has never been simpler. Either download the software you want to use from the Internet, or sign up with a VoIP provider in your area.

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