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Where to find the latest technology news

When it comes to technology it seems that every time you turn around something new and improved has come out on the market. Because some many new things are discovered so quickly it can be rather hard to try to keep up to date with the latest technology. New technology can include things that are new to the market, things that are being tested, or things that are in the process of being created. With so much stuff happening in our technical world many people wonder where they kind find the latest technology news. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available for people to use to find the newest technology news.

Here are some tips on where to find the latest technology news.

Tip one:
One of the best places to find the newest technology is on the internet. There are a variety of websites available that will keep you up to date on the newest technology. Here are some of the websites that are available for you to use.
- CNET - provides a wide variety of technology news
- ComputerWorld - news that is aimed at people who work in the IT field
- New York Times Technology News - balanced perspective on all areas of technology issues
- TechDirt - covers the more obscure news about technology
- Wired news - provides a podcast service, as well as news from all aspects of technology
- ZDNet - deals with nothing but technology news
- CyberNet Technology News - provides coverage on stories that other places usually overlook
- BBC Technology News - provides in-depth stories with lots of background information
- CNN Technology News - provides lots of videos with their news stories
- Yahoo Technology News- pulls in information from a variety of services
- Digg Technology - good source for breaking technology news
- Topix Technology News - has over three hundred thousand sources for technology news

Tip two:
Another great place to find the latest technology news is at your local library or bookstore. Although the information in the books might not be super current you can still find plenty of other resources to learn more about different aspects of technology.One of the great things about libraries and bookstores is that they offer newspapers, magazines, books, and computer access. So regardless of which resource you want to use chances are you are going to be able to find it at either location.

Tip three:
Magazines are a great source for finding the latest technology news. There are numerous magazines that are available and deal with all aspects of technology; some might focus on a certain industry while others will provide you with more of a general look at the variety of topics.

Tip four:
Your local news channels or even national news channels are great sources for information on the latest technology news. Some news channels like CNN provide coverage twenty-four hours a day so you are kept up to date on the breaking news and how it could affect you.

Tip five:
Radio talk show news programs or just plain radio talk shows, whether it is regular radio or satellite radio shows are another great source for breaking technology news.

Tip six:
Another resource for finding the latest technology news is to talk to any of your friends who work in technology fields, chances are these guys have a wealth of inside information, but be sure not to ask for confidental information.

Just remember that these are only some of the resources available to you, there are other resources available to help you find the latest technology news.

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