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Marketing strategies for your small business

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgIf you are ready to begin marketing your small business in a bigger way, then you must understand that it will take some time and planning, to develop an effective marketing strategy. The purpose of your marketing strategy must be to reach your potential target market, in the smartest way possible. The first step is to determine exactly who your target market is, and then formulate your marketing plan. It is important to understand that every small business must have a sold marketing strategy, to follow in order to generate the interest they need from their target audience. Here are some marketing strategies for your small business.

  • The Internet-Using the web to market your company, goes far beyond just creating your website. You can create informative videos and post them on websites that your target market would already be on. Best of all these sites are easy to use, and you can link the video back to your website, allowing you to earn a higher page rank status. Experts advise that you create a small studio in your office, so your videos look professional not amateurish. In addition, look for a high quality webcam that is easy to use and provides you with a professional look. Eventually you can set up your own channel on some video sites, and start to gain more feedback from your customers.
  • Newspaper advertising-You may be surprised to learn that you can use the newspapers to your advantage, and you don't even need to pay money, to have your company name appear in the newspapers. Editorials are a great way to gain attention for your business. When there is a story in the paper pertaining to your industry, you can send in an editorial that helps to get the facts straight, or provides additional information. This is a great way to generate the type of interest you are seeking. You will need to contact the advertising department, or speak with a reporter that covers stories pertaining to your industry. You can also send out interesting and engaging press releases, to your newspapers to have stories run. Just make sure you are writing the press release, from the perspective of a reporter, in order to generate an interest in the press release.
  • Direct Mail marketing-It is crucial not to over look traditional advertising. Direct mail can be a great way to reach a lot of customers, quickly and easily.Keep in mind that when you engage in direct mail advertising, the largest cost will go towards mailing the pieces. For this reason, you should try to limit the size and keep them to a postcard weight. It is also important to understand that existing customers will give you the best feedback, for a direct mail piece. You should contact several printers when you are creating direct mail pieces to save money on combo runs and other things. Keep in mind that the direct mail piece must be creative and specific to the customer. You should be sure to include action words that are going to generate an interest from your customers, and motivate them to go to your website and order your products. Studies show that direct mail pieces will reach 90% of your targeted audience, and you will have a 30-40% response rate.
  • Radio advertising-Another great marketing strategy is to create some radio spots. Radios always have air space to fill and they have slashed their prices due to the economy. Keep in mind that one way to target a younger generation is to contact colleges that have communications departments with newspapers, radio, television, and other areas. You may be able to get your radio spot aired for cheap, and you can write it off as a donation to the university.
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