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How do I find out who owns a hotmail account?

How do I find out who owns a hotmail account? There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to find out who owns a hotmail account.Maybe someone is spamming you.They send you abusive email after abusive email.You can't stop it.They're driving you crazy.They're clogging up your mailbox.Maybe they're actually being personally abusive.They're attacking you, they're threatening you, and they're basically driving you mad.Of course you want to find out who owns the Hotmail account.Then you could have at least some way to legally shut them down, or at least find out who the owner of the Hotmail account is and then be abusive back to them.
To find out how you find out the owner of a hotmail account, let's start by talking about hotmail.Hotmail is one of the most popular email systems out there.It's popular for a few reasons.First of all, it's completely free.Of course you can pay money for Hotmail Plus, but basic Hotmail is utterly free.Because Hotmail is completely free, there's no sort of loss on the part of the user if he or she wants to open up multiple accounts.You can own as many Hotmail accounts as pleases you, and you can use them for whatever you want.The way that you sign up for a Hotmail account is the key to why it's so blasted hard to find out who the owner is.The fact is that when you sign up for any free email account like Hotmail or Yahoo or Juno or Gmail, you don't have to tell the truth about any of your personal information.Nobody's going to check up on you.Nobody has any way to check up on you.This can actually be a good thing-let's say that you want to set up an account that you'll use when you have to log on to other websites or set up accounts, and you don't want anyone to be able to get your personal information some how.So you use an account that has a bogus name and other information that goes along with it.The thing is that there is no way for anyone to find out who you really are.

Except for one thing: an IP address. An IP address is basically like a phone number for computers.The IP address is the way that computers communicate with each other and the way that your computer connects you to particular websites.Each website and webpage has a particular IP address that your computer looks up when you direct it to a certain website or webpage.Your computer also has an IP address.But the thing is that the IP address probably actually isn't related to your computer.Rather, the IP address is probably connected to your server, it could be the router, it could be a proxy server.Perhaps this abusive Hotmail user is using a library computer, or some other public computer.Perhaps they're at an Internet café.In this case, even if you manage to trace the IP address to a physical location-and it can only be a general physical location-you won't have any idea who the one of the hundreds users of that computer will be.

It's very rare that an IP address can be traced to a particular geographical location and to a particular user.The only way that you can do it is by contacting the ISPs and anybody else involved, and that's going to be pretty hard.There are some serious privacy laws out there, and so it's not like you can just call up an ISP and ask for the information of who owns the computer with that ISP and where they are.If you're going to ask for that kind of information, it can't just be because somebody is sending you harmless yet annoying emails.They'd better be doing something seriously illegal.And you're going to have to call the police so that they can get involved and get you a legal order to force the ISP or anyone else to release the information that you want.And remember, that this is only going to work on the very dicey chance that the information is even available.And don't forget that a whole lot of viruses send emails that pretend to be from accounts, but the owner of the account has no idea what's actually going on.So you're getting mad at someone who's much more of a victim than you are.

So, essentially, you can't find out who the owner of an MSN Hotmail account is.But if you really, really want to know, call up law enforcement, and they can try to help you out.

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