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Impact on business and society of emerging technology

No doubt about it, emerging technology has a drastic impact on society and business. Whether people realize it or not, the way we conduct business and live our lives would be much different if it weren't for the continually changing technology.

Emerging technology's impact on business
Because of technology, business has been able to advance in such ways that associates can communicate across the globe without ever leaving their respective offices. They can send information instantaneously, download important documents, and a number of other things. Consider how emerging technology has impacted business in the following ways:

Web conferencing. As technology advances at rapid paces each day, more and more companies are finding that web conferencing is an effective, cost-effective way to handle business. Web conferencing is a form of technology that uses an internet connection to hold group meetings or trainings in real-time via the internet. Web conferencing allows businesses to save a great deal of money on travel costs while increasing productivity.
Teleconferencing. Similar to web conferencing, teleconferencing is a popular option for holding meetings, conferences, or training seminars for many small businesses. Basically, teleconferencing is a phone call in which more than two people participate. Almost all businesses rely on teleconferencing to some extent.
Communication. Emerging technology has had a dramatic increase on communication in the workplace. Not only does emailing and instant messaging allow employees and business partnerships to communicate, but it allows them to send files and important documents instantly online. In addition, wireless devices allow business people to send emails, check stocks, and talk to people around the globe from any location.

Emerging technology's impact on society
The latest technological advances are not limited to just business. Emerging technology has affected the way we live in many ways, including:
Medical technology. Sophisticated medical equipment, constantly evolving and improving, has helped to save thousands of lives. Special monitors and machines allow doctors to do a number of things never thought possible, like perform intricate surgeries by displaying them on a larger monitor. Medical equipment and the technology it uses has also helped many people to manage their own care from their homes.
Safety. Global Positioning Systems, emerging technology for home alarms and fires, and cellular technology has helped to make our lives safer in a number of ways. Lost? Simply plug in your destination to GPS. Witness a crime? Report it instantly on your cell phone. In addition, emerging technology has made homes safer with the ability to detect deadly gases and smoke in the home.
Expedite processes. Because of emerging technology, products are made and delivered to store much faster than ever before. In addition, machines and technology help to eliminate or greatly reduce human error.
Finances. ATM, or Automated Teller Machines, as well as internet banking, have made it easier and more accurate to manage finances.

The downside
While technology has definitely made life easier, some fear that the work of technology and machines in general will make the need for people obsolete in the workplace. This could have a negative effect on the economy in general as it would increase unemployment rates.

With so many devices and abilities, emerging technology has had and will continue to have a great impact on business and society, helping to make the world a safer, more efficient place to live.

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