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The newest and greatest computer technology

Computer technology is one of the most rapidly changing and developing fields within the world!There are so many different things that computers can do, and every year many new computer products and technological advances are announced!Here are a couple of the newest and greatest pieces of computer technology:

Newest:One of the newest types of computer technology is a new product which Bill Gates calls "Surface."This project took five years to make, and it was only known by its secret code name "Milan."The "Surface" looks like a low, blacktop coffee table, but it is sensitive to the touch.Keyboards and mousse are not needed, because "Surface" is completely controlled by hand gestures and movements!The hardware for this product is run by a special version of Microsoft's Windows Vista."Surface" is scheduled to be released to the public in November of 2007.It is thought that this easier way of computer technology will be more accessible and user-friendly to people who struggle with keyboards and the computer mouse.In addition, "Surface" will also be helpful to retailers.T-Mobile USA has a contract with Microsoft for "Surface," and they will be able to place different cell phones on the top of the "Surface" screen.The screen will sense which different types of cell phones are there, and then pull up a list of the phones' different features!

Newest:Another one of the newest types of computer technology is the Apple TV.This is a new product which will use computer technology to hook the computer and TV together.It is known as Apple TV and iTv.Using computer technology, the Apple TV will be able to wirelessly stream both music and videos from the computer or Internet.The basic television set will be able to pick up on these signals, and the image will be available for viewing on the television screen!This is one of the newest and most exciting types of computer technology that has been announced recently.This new computer technology also is giving Macintosh, or "Apple" computers a way to directly compete with the Personal Computer industry (also called PC computers).The Apple TV, in conjunction with iTunes, could make Apple computers the most popular computers on the market.

Greatest:One of the greatest types of computer technology was the development and incorporation of digital material.The external device the scanner has been one of the most popular and useful pieces of computer technology!The scanner has changed the ways that researchers look at materials, and it has also greatly affected the world of technology!In addition, it has changed the world of education, because now different documents and images are available for teachers to use within their own classroom.Scanners and digital computer technology has also helped to preserve some important archival information, and it also has made this information accessible to the public!The world has been forever changed because of digital computer technology and the scanner!

Greatest:One of the other great inventions of computer technology was the development of the webcam. Because of the webcam people are able to hold meetings and conversations with people who live far away!Webcams, in conjunction with Internet technology has made business meetings and educational meetings more meaningful.Now, people can show different graphs, charts, and ideas over a webcam, without the hassle of trying to explain technical details over the phone.Actions and images definitely speak louder with words because of the webcam!In addition, the webcam also is able to record people talking and discussing different topics, which has led to the use of video podcasts and video blogs.

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