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What are the benefits of using Micros systems

Micros systems, which stands for modular integrated cash register operating systems, is a company that creates computer hardware and software, as well as providing computer service, for businesses that are in the hospitality and specialty retail industries. Micros Systems caters to such businesses as table service and quick service restaurants, hotels, cruises, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, resorts, and specialty retail stores. They provide these industries with complete information management solutions that include software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support.

Using Micros systems will only benefit your company if you work in one of the above named industry. It benefits these industries because it provides a system that will cover all aspects of the business. With this one system numerous reports can be printed at the touch of a button, including customized reports. Another benefit is that it can help a company improve their customer service, by providing more accurate orders and decreasing the amount of time it takes to serve the customers.

Here are some ways that using Micros systems benefits certain industries.

The MICROS RES 4.0 offers a completely integrated point-of-sale system that includes tools for the back office, restaurant operations, and guest services. It also offers enterprise management for people who own more then one restaurant. RES 4.0 provides complete communication throughout your operation, which means it handles everything, to help you increase efficiency, speed service, and in the end provide a better experience for your customers. This solution can be used in table service, fast casual, and fast food restaurants.

Hotels and Resorts:
If your hotels or resorts provide dining rooms for your guests you are going to want to look into using RES 4.0 as well as OPERA Enterprise Solution, also known as OES. This product is a customizable product for hotel and resort owners to use regardless of if they own one or a nationwide hotel chain. This product allows you to choose different modules that will best fit your needs. The modules that you have to choose from are: property management, sales and catering, quality management, gaming and comp accounting, and mixed use condo/hotel room management. Along with the modules OES offers central management products which include a reservation system, customer information system, sales force administration, and a customer relationship management package that is designed strictly for the hospitality industry.

Micros has developed a branch of technology that is designed to help specialty retail storesto improve their customers experience at the same time they are optimizing their operational efficiency throughout the entire store. Micros has designed a system that will handle point of sale, loss prevention, customer service management, customer loyalty, direct to consumer, and other aspects for the retail world. Like its other products you can pick and choose which modules are best suited for your company and can combine them to provide a great customer experience, while improving your stores efficiency, which means more profits and lower expenses. The retail software will link together all aspects of a transaction from the point of sale, back office, order management, fulfillment, customer service, collaboration and analytics applications. This will help you keep track of your inventory by keeping track of what you are selling, but keep in mind this is only a computer system and it can be affected by human errors. For example if a bar code won't scan so your clerk overrides the cash register to put in the price, but doesn't record the bar code, this will led to inaccurate records on inventory. To help minimize this problem you will need to fully train your employees.

Just remember that if you work in a certain industry the greatest benefit to using Micros systems is that it will provide you with specialized computer software for your industry, no more buying other kinds of software and trying to adapt them to fit your current needs. Micros systems are also compatible with numerous operating programs including Linux and Windows.

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