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Developing your companies ethics policy

businessmeeting26251473.jpgSince employee theft is rising at a high rate, developing a business ethics policy may be one of the only ways to protect your small business. Where do employees learn ethics from? While you cannot teach ethics from the time the employees are born, you can at least teach them ethics from your leadership abilities.

The way in which you hire employees and treat employees will all have an impact on the way your company is run and what your employees are learning from you. There are a few things you want to check when it comes to hiring people, making business decisions, etc. Here are the basic questions you want to ask:
1. Is this decision legal? Are you violating a company policy or any criminal laws?
2. Are you making fair decisions? Will your employees find that you are treating them poorly and that you are playing favorites?
3. Is this decision right? You have to be proud of the decisions you make. The decisions needs to be right and it needs to be shown to others that you are fair and trustworthy.

If you are concerned about the decision, you should seek counsel from others. This is a great way to ensure you are making ethical decisions and to get support on your side.

Small business owners have full control over just about every aspect of their business. Being able to establish an ethics policy is not something that should be hard for you by any means. Ethics come from your inner self and your example to your staff.

Creating an ethics policy is a great way to build up strong employee morale. Your staff members will know exactly what is expected of them and the will be able to adhere to the rules. It will also be able to help you clearly explain reasons for termination if they do violate the ethics policy.

Part of the ethics policy focuses on what the company stands for and what you want people to think of your company. There are several things you need to consider as you work on creating a strong ethics policy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Company values. As you create a company plan you want to include information pertaining to the purpose of the company. What is the vision for your company and what type of pride do you have in your company? What are the types of behaviors you want to see and what are the ones you will not tolerate?

  • Pride in the company. Do you have a sense of pride in your company? Do you instill this in your employees? When employees have pride in their work and in the company, they are likely to work hard to accomplish their job in an ethical manner.

  • Rules. As you work on creating an ethics policy, you want to include your company's rules. What will happen if an employee violates the rules? You also need to work on enforcing these rules if you want your staff to follow them.

To see how to implement ethics into your business, you need to rate how honest you are and if people are going to learn from your example. Ask yourself questions like "how do I treat others?, how do I want to be treated?, do I lie?, am I honest in all our companies dealings?" A simple self-evaluation will allow you to watch yourself and your behaviors and to make sure you are doing everything you can to treat others in a favorable manner. You might also want to have your employees do a self evaluation as well so they can see how honest they really are.

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