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Organizing a business plan

manonphoneinchina30392185.jpgThere are multiple things that go into a business plan. How can you create a business plan that will be successful? Here are some easy steps to follow that will help you to create a business plan and to also organize a business plan.

Step # 1 - Business Description
The first thing you will include in a business plan is a description of your business. You want to talk about the things that your business will sell, how you will sell them, who your target market it and so forth. A quality business description is an important aspect of building a successful company. Lenders need to read through the business description in order to see if your company looks like it will be a success. As you write up the business description, keep it short and simple initially. You want to keep it very basic and explain what the business is about and don't make it too general. This is where you are going to attract a lot of investors so you have to provide them with something of value. You must also describe the business structure. Include information about the employees along with the legal structure of the business. After doing this, you have to then talk about the products and services you are planning to sell. The products and services you are planning to offer will speak volumes about the reputation you build for your business. After doing this, you move into the profit and how your marketing strategy is going to build profits. Sum up the description with the mission statement as it will be the last thing the investor reads to determine if they want to invest in your company.

Step # 2 - Marketing
After you describe what the business is all about, you will head into the in-depth section of your marketing plan. Your marketing plan will include information about the company's products along with how you are planning to get your name out there. What are your marketing strategies that you have used and which ones are you planning to try out. Investors need to see that you are thinking outside the box with marketing and that you aren't going to just sit back and do nothing when times get tough. A large amount of money has to be put into your marketing budget so you can attract new customers and bring in decent revenue for your business.

Step # 3 - Finances

After working upon your marketing plan, you must head to your books and start organizing everything. You must include any existing financial records you have or you need to provide detailed reports of your business finances. This will allow you to show lenders that you have done your research and you are prepared to move forward with the business. Include a list of capital and supplies that you need to have in order for lenders to see what you need and if they will be able to help you. Provide detailed information about your business finances by month and by quarter. Lenders want to see at least 3 years of financial projections in order to have a good idea as to how much money they should provide you with and how much they can provide you with.

Step # 4 - Management
Lenders and investors also need to see what type of management experience you have to offer and what type of structure your business will follow. Include information about your company's goals and objectives in order to show that you can take the company forward. Quality management structure plays a big role in your ability to convince lenders that you will be able to lead the company forward.

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