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How to choose multiple line phone systems:


For small businesses, the phone system you use is very important. You are going to have many calls coming in of important customers and you do not want to have all those customers go straight to an answering machine if you are on the phone. You do not want them to have a hard time getting hold of you. That would hurt your business instead of help it. Your customers need to be able to get through to you and talk to you when they call.

There are many different types of phone system available, and the best phone system for a small business would be a multiple line phone system. A multiple line phone system would provide your company with some important features such as call forwarding and transfers along with music when the person is on hold and other great options that improve customer service and satisfaction. Not only this but it would allow multiple lines so that more than one person could get through to you at once. It is very important that your customers be able to get through to you.

Obviously a multiple line phone system is a good idea, so how do you choose one? There are three main types of multiple line systems for small businesses. These types are PBX systems, Key systems and KSU-less systems. They each have great features for different types of businesses. When you are choosing a multiple line phone system for you small business, these features are things you will want to keep in mind. Look at each system, and determine which best meets your unique needs.

  • PBX systems: This is the system you will want if you have a small business consisting of forty or more employees. It is not too huge and can fit nicely on a desk. They are more expensive than smaller systems, but they are not more expensive by that great of a margin. These systems come with all the standard multiple line features and they are completely programmable. This means that you can program them to fit your needs. The price difference is probably definitely worth this added flexibility.
  • Key Systems: If you have anywhere from five to forty employees this is a great system that you would probably want to buy. It is a lot more common for people to have this type of phone when running a small business. It is called a key system because it has one main unit that is the central unit. This unit is where you control most of the system. It allows you to make calls to other in-office extensions as well as prevents people from picking up phone lines that are already in use. This is a great system for any small business and it would definitely be worth it to buy one.
  • KSU-less systems: The KSU-less system is a much smaller system. If your company has fewer than ten employees you may be able to get by with a KSU-less system. These systems provide a lot of the important features of multi-lined systems but they are decentralized where as the Key systems have a central unit. Because these systems are so small you will have to go pick it up and install it by yourself. It probably should not be too difficult and if this system is all you need to run your business, it will also be worth it.

Besides choosing a system, you will also need to choose how big to get that system. To determine the size of system you will need, you need to determine how many lines you want and how many extensions you want. Depending on the amount of lines and extensions you want, that will tell you the size to get. Say you want twelve lines and thirty-six extensions, then you would get a 12x36 system. Once you decide one which system you want and what size of system you want, then all you have left to do is buy it and install it. Then you will be all set and ready to go.

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