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Small business bookkeeping tips

bills39158685.jpgSmall businesses can not overlook the importance of their bookkeeping. This is often the difference between a small business that grows and thrives and one that does not. Bookkeeping is the process of managing your cash, sales, purchases and other financial factors, in your small business. Many small businesses are unable to hire someone right at first to just be a bookkeeper. It can be helpful if you are managing your books to use a software program that is designed for bookkeeping.

There are many different software bookkeeping programs out on the market. You want to find one that helps you deal with invoice, tracks sales and any other financial function that is specific to your business. The best software is one that is easy to understand and easy to use. You also want to choose bookkeeping software that can generate the type of financial reports that will be of them of the most help to you. You may also want to purchase a bookkeeping software program that can handle your payroll, as well.

However, you do decide to your small business bookkeeping, keep in mind that the main function of bookkeeping is to put together a complete picture of both streams of incomes, and types of costs. Knowing both of these factors is essential in making sure your small business is on strong financial footing. You need to know exactly how much money is coming into your business and just as important you need to know how much money is going out. Having all of this available on a computer is the easiest way to track of these functions.

You should also keep on file any receipts that you have for business expenses. This becomes especially important if you are audited. It is important to put procedure in place that will keep the receipts organized and easy to find, in case you need to reference anything. This should be an integral part of your office management routine.

It is also important that you factor in the size of your business when you are picking bookkeeping software. The bookkeeping software that is out, for larger businesses may have too many unnecessary features and offer to much information, for smaller businesses. In addition, once your business is big enough to justify it, one of the first employees you should consider hiring is a bookkeeper, to help you manage all of these functions.

You should also not overlook the importance of reconciling your bank statement. There are some companies that reconcile them daily, while others do this on a weekly or monthly basis. However, you choose to do this you should just make sure that you are keeping a close eye on all of your financials, in order to prevent mistakes and overdrafts from happening. Even if you have a bookkeeper doing this, the manager or owner should be overlooking this as awhile in order to establish a two-fold checking system, and it helps keep everyone honest. You should also be checking your petty cash on a regular basis. This is another area where it is easy for fraud to occur, if you are not vigilant. If you are using a cash register, it is a good idea to be using an electronic one, to help you keep track of your cash.

Another part of bookkeeping that many small businesses overlook is keeping track of inventory and other assets. It is crucial to be able to tell at all times, exactly what you have and how much it is worth. If you have an inventory list at hand, then you can quickly check on what is coming in and going out of your warehouse and office. The bookkeeping software that you use may have an inventory function that can help you do this easily and quickly.

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