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Using organization tools effectively

To make your small business into a successful one you need to understand all of the tools and things that go into creating an effective business. Many of the tools actually come from within yourself as you learn how to become a better leader and you are really able to get your employees to follow you and enjoy working for the company. As a leader you need to understand the importance of being organized. With so many things that happen in the small business world it can be easy for you to get side tracked with something and completely forget what you were working on. Having a schedule along with good organization skills will be able to help you remain organized and can easily provide you with greater productivity and a happier staff.

To start getting organized, sit down and make a list of all the things that need to be done in the day. Having a list of priorities will make it much easier for you to accomplish the things that are pressing and to not worry about the things that are not as demanding of your time and energy. Some of these other things can be passed off to your employees so you can focus on the things that will have a greater impact on the company. Use Google Calendar and make sure everyone has access to each other's calendars so they can invite one another to events and other things. When you are all able to see the various things that are planned in the day, you won't have issues with things getting double booked and so on. It is also a great way to keep your entire staff on the same page as you can all access the calendar and know when staff meeting is along with upcoming events.

Keep a timer when you are working on your task list. This way you won't go overboard on emails and other things and you can devote enough time to every task. Setting a timer and saying you will only spend 30 minutes on emails is a great way to avoid wasted time. Set your email time for later in the day when you are starting to get worn down versus at first thing in the morning when your mind is really sharp. This is a great option so that the bigger tasks have more of your mental power than emails that need to be moved around and deleted!

Take time for yourself. To get organized you need to take breaks and have those moments of clarity. Get away from the office to eat lunch as this will help you to feel energy again. You can even consider eating in your car if you cannot go far but its better than eating at your desk and thinking about work when you are on break and supposed to relax your brain. Try to take breaks and go walk around or take a quick cat nap. This is a great way to get focused and it will be able to help you get organized as well.

Organize your workstation and really clean it up. When you are working in clutter and mess all the time it gets really confusing. You need to clean up your office and really make a place for everything that is in there. When you have a lot of paper properly organized and things moved around you will quickly find that it is easy for you to be able to save time searching for things and you are much more efficient and effective at your job.

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