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Communicating your brand

womanwithheadset30343063.jpgBuilding your brand and strengthen your company's reputation is a key role that social media will offer to you. Social media sites are free to use and they can easily help you get in touch with so many new customers all over the world. Communication with your customers is an important part of running your business. You need to find a way to interact with them and to let your customers know you are listening. Social media sites will be able to help you accomplish this goal by monitoring what your customers are saying and finding a way to respond to them either through tweets, posts, messages, or even blog posts and articles.

On Twitter and Facebook, use your logo as your avatar. This is a simple way to communicate your brand as it provides instant recognition for your customers. Use your slogan as your message that customers read as they review your profile and can learn the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you are using social media sites in order to communicate your brand message to your customers:
1. Who is the target audience and does the brand message relate to them?
2. What type of relationship do we have with our customers? Do they respect our company and are they loyal?
3. What is the message we want to offer to our customers? Will our customers be able to understand it?
4. Why do the customers want the message? Will this message provide them with some type of value?
5. Are you timing the posts and messages correctly? If you aren't focused on timing, you can have a number of problems relating to your communication with your customers.
6. Have you been able to learn from the feedback of your customers? Do you know what some of the common barriers are that you will encounter with them?
7. Can you acquire additional feedback from your customers in order to make the next marketing campaign better?
8. How many followers do you have and how many of your customers come from social media sites?

As it comes down to social media marketing, you have to focus on the content and to make sure you are delivering the right message to your customers.People use social media sites to interact with their friends and others and they aren't always so thrilled to have businesses interrupting their socialization. This means you have to understand how to make a message that your customers want to hear and will actually respond to. Listening to your customers will go a long way in helping you to communicate your message in the right way.

Communicating your brand also comes down to your ability to send the message. Are you using key phrases and terms that your customers can easily identify? You will want to try and keep the messages consistent in order to build relationships with your customers and to make it easier for your customers to find you and to easily identify messages in the future that are from your company.

Messages that are sent out can be for a number of reasons; here are some of the most common reasons for sending out messages to your customers:

  • Offering new information

  • Sales pitch

  • Request for customer feedback or participation in surveys

  • Offering tips and tutorials

  • Educating your customers

  • Convincing your customers of your companies importance

Listening is the key to sending out the right type of messages. You have to listen to your customers needs in order to find a way to make them happy and to brand your business in a proper way.

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