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Learning the rules of social media to build your revenue stream

buisnessmeeting26238539.jpgOne of the hottest topics in the marketing world is social media. What is the true value behind social media and should you start using social media sites? Social media sites give you a wonderful platform where you can build your brand, attract new customers, and strengthen your business. There are some rules you need to start following in order to build your brand with social media sites and earn the respect you need from your customers.

Most of social media experiments you will try are trial and error. While a "proven" method may work for other companies like Best Buy, it may not have the same impact for your company. Social media sites do work differently from other websites and you have to learn how to behave correctly on these sites in order to make the impact you are hoping for. Here are some rules of social media you need to follow in order to generate the right response:
1. Give more to your customers. In order to get your customers to come to you for more information, you need to give them something. What are you offering them that has value and can intrigue them? Consider starting chat room discussions and offer a free eBook to your customers to peak their attention. Earning their respect is key to getting your customers to offer you more.
2. Offer an experience. When it comes to posting the right information, avoid the keyboard shortcuts. You also need to make sure you are saying the right things as once the post is out there, everyone else can see it. You need to offer valuable information that your customers want to read. Never say things you can't take back, it's the easiest way to damage your reputation.
3. Pay attention. Your customers will appreciate you more if you are paying attention to them. Are you listening to what they are talking about on the social media sites? Are they able to feel that you are actually listening and trying your best to please them? Your customers need to feel that you are there for them and that you are trying hard to meet their needs.
4. Building relationships. People are using social media sites to build relationships with others. They don't want to be blitzed with a bunch of ads from your company. They need to see that you are making an earnest effort to get to know them and to focus on building relationships with them. The more effort you put into building relationships with your customers, the easier it will be to send out messages and expect them to respond. Relationships can only be built with active participation on both ends. You need to listen and you need to post messages that encourage your customers to post messages.
5. Don't be pushy. If you want to really hurt your company, you will be too pushy. As you build relationships and you can focus on gathering referrals you never want to be pushy with your customers. Never ask or tell your customers to post comments or leave messages, let them do this out of their own free will and choice. If you push too much, you will be ignored and you will lose all credibility and respect from your customers.
6. Respect your customers and your competitors. If you come out ready to attack your customers all the time, you will lose their respect. Respecting others is perhaps one of the most important rules you will learn as you are using social media sites and generating interest from your customers to the point that they will send you customer referrals.

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