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Tips for using social media networks to promote your business

seriousman19211368.jpgIf you and your business are new to the world of social media marketing, it can be overwhelming. However, social media marketing can quickly become key component of your marketing and business promotion efforts. Best of all social media marketing is a great equalizer since smaller businesses can utilize it, as easy as their much larger competitors. Savvy business owners have also found that using social media marketing costs very little, and requires even less time and effort, then many traditional marketing methods. It is important however, that you acquaint yourself with the various aspects of this type of marketing and business promotion, in order to successfully utilize to its fullest potential. Here are some tips for using social media network to promote your business-

  • Build the anticipation-You can build the anticipation with your potential customers, by giving them a glimpse of things tot come. This also has the benefit of you being able to get feedback before your product or service is launched out into the world. Use your social media marketing to build an online demand by offering a sneak preview of new products, services, or features that will be available. For example-You can post photos of new products on Flickr and invite your customers to comment on the new products.
  • Make yourself an expert-You want to use your social media marketing to make to position yourself as the expert in your field. Only when you have established your credibility, will your customers trust you to provide the solution to their need or want. The bottom line is that sharing the knowledge that you have gathered through your business can go a long way toward boosting your brand. For example-Many companies are posting video links to YouTube that showcase the expertise they have in their field.
  • Use multi-media-Putting video onto your social media networking is a great way to demonstrate what your business does. This allows you to showcase, far beyond just words, exactly what you can offer to your target market. Studies have shown that casual visitors to social media networking sites will stay and watch a video if it is available. Of course this is assuming that the video has value, and provides the information your potential customer is seeking.
  • Be open and honest with your potential customers. Today's consumer thinks long and hard before parting with their hard-earned money. Studies have shown that those companies that are honest and open, even in a difficult economy, have a higher rate of attraction and retention, with their customers. You can keep the lines of communication open on your company blog and it is an easy way to let customers know what is happening with your business. Some businesses have even gone as far as to posts sales and profit figures to show that the company is on solid financial footing.
  • Carefully edit what you say-While you want to be open and honest, with your customers, you also want to make sure that you are avoiding anything that could be construed as slander or libel. It is crucial to make sure that any employee that is posting for your company on Twitter or Facebook is aware of what is and what is not appropriate to say. You want to stay away from any comments about other brands or competitors and make sure that there are never any comments left about any employees, either past or presently employed. It can be helpful to periodically review this policy with all employees, so that everyone stays aware. While not every comment can lead to a court case, this is an easy way to avoid any potential legal problems.
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