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Ways to use social media networking to promote your business

moneyexplodingoutofbriefcase30891474.jpgSocial media networking seems to be the new frontier of business marketing. Savvy business owners are finding that they can reach a large number of potential clients using these marketing tools, with a minimum of effort, cost and time being involved. These sites work well as an online marketing tool, because they reflect the offline basics of marketing which is: customers who are coming together in pursuit of an answer to the same problem or goal. If you are able to promote your business, in a positive light, you can attract customers from target markets that traditional marketing methods may have overlooked. The trick to making your social media networking successful is promote your business in a way that attracts and keeps your customers attention. Here are some ways to use social media networking to promote your business-

  • Make sure that you have a profile that attracts attention-Just having your name and address/phone number isn't enough. You want everyone who visits your page, or sees your Twitter account, to know right away who you are, and what you do. You will want to utilize all of the features of your chosen social media network. You can use the widgets that attached to the program to create RSS feed, or brochures. Some sites offer advanced graphics that allow you to download art, professional photography and make your page stand out. Whatever your chosen social media site offers, make sure that you are taking advantage of it, and be sure to include a link or directions to your web page.
  • Think outside of the box-Your profile is not the only thing you can place on social media networks. You can also use a social networking site to promote your blog. While not every company blogs, it can be an effective tool to gain customers who will view you as an expert, and become interested in what you have to say. There are many social networking sites that will enable you to surface your blog posts through RSS feeds. For example-When you are on Facebook, if you set up a blog on, your posts can automatically be pushed to your profile page. This can even be accompanied with recent comments. You can also syndicate posts, from multiple blogs on your Facebook profile page.
  • Join groups and forums-Social media networking are not just about finding individual contacts. By joining groups you can reach potential clients who are interested in your business, and the issues that surround it. Social media experts recommend that you join as many groups that apply to you and your business. You also make time to participate in forum discussions as; this can be an effective way to position yourself as an expert.]
  • Use privacy settings and common sense in order to limit identity theft. It is important to understand that the reality is that, social networking sites, like the rest of the Internet, attract con artists and those with less then honorable intentions.It is important to understand that most social media sites have privacy settings that will allow you to control how much of your profile is revealed to people both inside and outside, of your network. You will be able to adjust these settings to the level you feel comfortable with, but overall you should be cautious about any personal information you post.
  • Adhere to the etiquette of posting online-You need to understand that constant and aggressive promotion of your business will not be successful. Remember that even know you are online you are part of a community of people who will expect you to be polite and courteous. You should never be invasive about your marketing. Establish yourself as the expert in your field; win the trust of those you seek out and you will be looked upon as credible. This is the way to gain the contacts you are looking for in social media networking.
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