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The steps to use Facebook for business promotion

olderwomanonphone32013024.jpgFacebook can be a great marketing tool, with far reaching and powerful effects, for your business. One of the major benefits to using Facebook is that it is free. Because it does not cost you anything to create a Facebook page, (other than the time to maintain it), it can go a long way toward stretching your marketing dollars. However, Facebook only works well for business promotion, if it is used in the right way. There are certain tips that can make using Facebook much more effective, for your business. Using these steps will help you reach out to your potential customers and other contacts in a cost efficient and timely manner. Best of all Facebook can often reach potential customers who may have been overlooked with traditional marketing methods. Savvy business owners understand the far-reaching effects of using Facebook to promote their business and strive to make it efficient by taking the following steps.

  • Set up multiple Facebook pages-You should keep in mind that while the Facebook profile has a limit of 5000 friends, a page has no limit to the number of fans you can attract. Best of all while you can only have one profile; you can have as many pages as you want and or need. This has lead to savvy business owners creating a Facebook page, for their business and then adding on pages. You can have a separate page for every product or service that you offer. Best of all you can tailor each page to appeal to your target market. If you do this correctly is will greatly improve your visibility. You will also be able to push people to the pages that are of the most interest to them and increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Stay away from anything that is personal-It is important to remember that you are using Facebook as a way to promote your business. Because of this you need to avoid anything that is personal. Anything personal belongs on your personal Facebook page. You should never include things like what you are wearing, what you had for breakfast, or anything that reflects personal on you, on your business' Face book page.The bottom line is that your potential customer simply does not care, it will be annoying to your potential readers and they will quickly move on to someone else who appears more professional.
  • Give people a reason to consistently be a fan. You can offer incentives to the readers of your pages who Facebook fan you. Marketing studies have found that the discounts and coupons that are being offered on Facebook are becoming strong marketing motivators. Remember that you must give readers a quick incentive to stay and check you out. A coupon or discount can do that for you. There are several ways you can do this. You can do this in many exciting way. You should keep in mind however; that you must be able to offer something of real value, or your potential customers has no real reason to "like" you. Consider offering a exclusive private sale, or a printable coupon for a percentage off, or give your fans insight into new products or services.
  • Have a reliable Facebook page-The key to marketing successfully with Facebook is to be consistent. You want to make sure that your business shows up in the news feeds of your potential customers, (those people who fan you). Some businesses are under the mistaken assumption that all you need to do is create content. This is only one part of the process. You need to make sure that the content you create has true value. This in turn causes people to comment on your content and keeps your company in the forefront.
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