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Social Networking 2.0

coworkers23120152.jpgIf you are using social networking, to help promote your business, then there are some basic steps that you should already be doing. These include: checking out several different social networking sites, writing complete profiles, and taking advantage of all the widgets and opportunities that these sites offer. However, there are several more advanced steps that will allow you to fully maximize using social networking, to promote your business. These steps are referred to as Social Networking 2.0. Here are a few of them-

  • Make an effort to seek out those people who are known as the authorities in your industry. Many people are overwhelmed by the very idea of social networking. It can help to think of it as the online version of offline person-to-person networking, and the good news is that in many ways it is easier. You can use social networking to seek out contacts with expertise you would like to meet and potential customers in your field of business. It is easy to send a friend request or a networking invitation. You should make sure that is accompanied by a message that introduces who you are and why you are seeking out this person online. Remember to use online business etiquette. Present yourself confidently, but make sure your interest and intent are only business-related. It should be stressed that you should be very careful and even selective, about how many "friends" you collect. You should keep in mind that it is not about how many names you collect on your social networking pages. This is truly a quality over quantity experience. Remember that what is best for you business is to have a small number of connections, who value what you are doing and can offer some constructive help, expertise or become customers of your business. Another effective way to connect with your contacts is to write recommendations, for your best customers and ask them to do that for you.
  • Be a "joiner"-An important part of utilizing the social networking, for business promotion is to join the forums and groups that are attached to the site. You will then be able to share your expertise. Marketing experts advise that you just get in there and start talking. However, you need to make sure you have something valuable to say. In order to be taken seriously you will need to focus on establishing credibility, which will promote trust. This step is as important as making yourself known. One of the best things that you can do online is to comment on blog posts. This is important since credible comments will add to any discussion and it will have the benefit of helping to position you as someone with expertise in a given market. Keep in mind that there are important do's and don'ts to commenting. These tips are-
1. Keep emotion to a minimum 2. Always proof-read your comments 3. Be fresh and interesting 4. Add links to Web pages for details or background 5. Try to avoid repeating what's already been said
  • Always avoid using aggressive marketing tactics and constant promotion-It is important to understand that if you do nothing but promote your business, people in your network will lose interest and will quickly move on. It is important to remember that you are using social networking to make announcements, stir up interest, or promote a new product or service. Repeating the same thing again and again, serves no one well. You want to focus on creating interesting content that relates to your business, and will keep your potential contact's attention. Remember that using social networking, for business promotion is all about establishing a relationship, with a potential client, supplier or contact.
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