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Staying in touch with your social audience

groupofcoworkers32012584.jpgAre you focused on staying in touch with your customers on social media sites? You have to do a lot of work in order to let them know you are interested in the social media sites and that you are focused on listening to them and their needs. Staying in touch with your social audience is a vital part of sustaining an online marketing campaign. Think of social media like your extended family, if you don't make the effort to stay in touch with them, you can easily lose those relationships.The good news is with the right social media marketing campaign; you can break down your management of it into smaller steps.

Keep their interest
It is common for people to lose relationships with their customers because they aren't harboring those relationships. You have to find ways to keep your customers interest and to also let them know you are the company to turn to for information in your industry. You can maintain your customers interest by posting articles and other things that help your customers to see your name often. Articles need to pertain to your industry and offer NEW and INSIGHTFUL information or your customers aren't going to read them.

Email newsletters can also help you to keep the interest of your customers. Newsletters provide you with a chance to tell your customers about new and upcoming products and things in the works for your company. You can also use email newsletters to market the articles you are writing. Try to make the newsletters personal as it will help to keep the interest of your customers.

New Posts
How often do you post on social media sites? This is a double-edged sword because posting too often can cause your customers to become annoyed. Not posting enough can also cause problems as your customers will think you ignore the social media sites and you don't really put any effort into them. Post about things that are happening with your company like an exciting new hire, a new product, or a conference or event you will be attending. You have to keep your customers in the loop as much as possible to keep their interest.

Market for Holidays
Special events like holidays need attention. You need to market to your customers when the holidays come up and provide them with coupons and other things that remind them about the holiday. You also need to market to your customers when there is a special occasion in their life like their birthday or when their anniversary with your company arises. Do your best to send correspondence when it is necessary and you want your customers to see that you really do care about them.

In order to keep up with the information on social media sites, you need to start tracking keywords and conversations pertaining to your company. You can track them using free tools like Google Alerts. You can also set up a tracking and alert feature with other programs that will remind you to send out emails and other things to your customers.

Follow your contacts
When a person adds you on Facebook and twitter, consider adding them. You can always remove them if they post too often and the information doesn't provide your company with some type of value. When you follow your own customers, it can helpyou to gain insight into their shopping patterns and other things that will be able to help you make better marketing campaigns along with products for your customers.

Make sure you take the time to manage your social media accounts. You need to pay plenty of attention to them in order to ensure they will generate the right type of interest you need from your customers.

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