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Using the free social media tools to generate a buzz

maninfrontofbuilding30337424.jpgIf you really want to captivate your customers and generate attention, you have to get involved with social media sites and the tools your customers are using. In order to see which tools you need to use, you must first figure out what the needs of social media users are. There are so many different trends with social media sites that it can be challenging to figure out exactly what your customers are in need of. Do they want videos, do they want articles, do they want ads with coupons? Most of the social media users are focused around entertainment so the ads you post need to have some type of entertainment mindset to them in order to generate the right buzz you need.

What is the purpose of social media sites and how are your customers using the sites? Use monitoring tools like Google alerts in order to find out what the trends are and what your customers are saying. Learning how your customers are using social media sites will really help you with the social media marketing plan and process. You will be able to understand how to respond to the information that your customers are talking about and it also allows you to be careful in the direction of your marketing campaign.

Make feature lists in order to understand how to make your mark with your customers. The feature lists are about understanding if your customers prefer to have video playlists and video sharing, podcasts, article marketing, etc.The more you learn about their feature preferences, the easier it will be for you to make an effort to meet those needs and preferences. The best way to please your customers is by making feature lists that use information from conversations with your customers. Using actual information really helps to strengthen your ability to please your customers and to find ways to effectively reach them.

Researching the tools and products your customers use will help you to figure out how you can meet the needs of your target audience by changing your products. Brand monitoring is a big part of using social media sites in order to generate the right type of response you are seeking from your customers in order to offer better marketing campaigns.

Once you have a direction to head with your social media campaign, you can easily start using your feature list and begin monitoring social media sites to gather the right information and to post the right information to your customers. As you launch new social media campaigns, you need to always check them for flaws and other issues that need to be changed. Learning from social media sites will really help you with product development and meeting the needs of your niche market.

Here are some of the most popular social media tools to incorporate in your campaign:

  • AllTop - this is a great resource for businesses as it gives you a chance to read blogs and other resources that have some of the best information out there. This resource is basically a magazine as you get to see only the best topics out there and it is organized in a manner where you can search by author or by topic. The goal is to get your blog and articles listed on this site as a large number of social media users are using this tool.

  • Social Mention - A great monitoring tool you want to use is Social mention. This tool helps you to check on the brands and subject that are being talked about on blogs and other places. You will be able to see if people are talking about your company, which can really help you with article releases and other timely information.

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