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Too much exposure can be a bad thing

manpullingofftie10054185.jpgSocial media websites are continuing to grow at an impressive rate and many companies are finding that using social media sites can help them to expand their companies as they can reach customers all over the world. While using social media sites can certainly help you get in touch with new customers, too much exposure on social media sites can hurt your company.

How often are you posting and is it leading people to avoid keeping you on as a friend or following their account? Usually the reason people are leaving your page and following you is because they are bored with what you have to say. Changing your tactic and the way you approach social media marketing can have a big impact on your campaign and getting people to follow you. Far too often companies get comfortable with what they are posting and it leads customers to avoid following them because the campaign is stale and boring. It's similar to print media ads that never change, only the expiration date differs as the company has nothing new to add to it.

A great way to change the message is to change the person "talking" on your social media pages. Take a look at some of the great leaders out there and how some of them can absolutely nail a public speech while others are stale and boring. Social media marketing is like this as you want to have the person on your staff that is engaging, exciting, and entertaining heading up the campaign. They will be responsible for interacting with your customers and to make sure it's not the exact same message repeated over and over again to your customers. Take a look at the companies and individuals you follow on twitter and Facebook, do you feel like you are reading the same message 50 times? You can obviously see that this is a common problem among social media users and the messages tend to get pretty repetitive. Change up the system and make sure your messages are unique and engaging.

Social media users hop from page to page without thinking twice. People need to see the message that stands out and immediately captures their attention or they aren't going to pay much attention to what your company has to offer. Quite often users of multiple social media sites use apps that help to combine them altogether so they don't have to actually go on each website individually. This means you need to write messages that can be easily read for all social media sites.

Don't get on every social media platform that is available. Take your time to get on the social media sites that are valid to your company and worth your time. Try attending some events pertaining to your industry to learn about the social media sites that are worthwhile. This will help you to prioritize your online campaign and organize it effectively in order to make the most money for your campaign.

There is a lot of change coming with the internet and social media sites. It seems like Facebook gets a makeover every 6 months, which means you really need to stay on top of social media sites that are geared to help your company and strengthen it.

As you use social media sites, be sure to inform your customers who is talking to them. Some companies don't have Google Alerts to help them see when their company and keywords pertaining to it are being spoken about on social media sites. You can easily miss out on conversations that are vital to your company as you can smooth over bad relationships from customer experiences. Have 2-3 of your employees introduce themselves to your social media customers and respond to the information that is being posted out there.

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