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Misconceptions you didn't know about social media

ladywithpiechart.jpgThink you know it all about social media? Do you really understand social media and everything that it entails? Understanding how to use social media sites is pretty simple but learning how to market on social media and to find out what some of the misconceptions are is a different story. You need to take that first step and involve yourself with social media sites in order to see it become successful and an asset to your company. Here are some of the misconceptions you didn't know about social media sites and how to turn them into positive things for your company:

1. Blogging isn't necessary. Some blogs out there aren't that great and they can be deemed unnecessary but you shouldn't be swayed by the "experts" that tell you that you don't need a blog. A blog is necessary and its vital because it is a marketing strategy. It can help you to round out your marketing campaign with quality content and relevant links that provide your customers with some type of value. You need to use blogs as part of your social media strategy and connect them with Facebook and Twitter. Use the blog to write engaging posts that your customers want to read and use Facebook and Twitter to publish the first sentence or two that will inspire your customers to head back to your blog to learn more.
2. The purpose of social media sites it to get more followers. Just having a large number of followers doesn't mean you are converting people into sales and strengthening your reputation. Social media is not just about numbers, it's about listening to your customers and learning what you need to change in order to satisfy your customers. Social media sites can help you to influence your customers and give them the desire and drive they need to be influenced one way or another. When you get a large number of followers, don't mess it up by posting irrelevant information that your customers don't care about.
3. Automation makes social media easier. Automation can make it easier to post information but it really doesn't make social media truly easier because you are damaging relationships with your customers as they hate generated messages. People can tell when a message is coming from a machine and not a person. You have to assign employees to head up your social media campaigns and to focus on strengthening the campaigns in order to earn the right type of respect from your customers and to also strengthen your reputation in your industry. The truth is that social media is going to take up a lot of time but with the right employees to head Io the campaign, you will find that its manageable and easier to work with.
4. You have to post often and be everywhere. People that use social media pages are concerned about what you have to offer and they will follow you if you are posting timely information. You don't want to be on every single social media site and be present everywhere. Your customers will be able to find you as long as you are on the appropriate sites. If you want to involve your company with more than Twitter and Facebook, you need to make sure you have the resources available to help manage the various accounts.
5. Social media doesn't make you money. This is one of the biggest misconceptions as social media sites can help to make you money if you are using them correctly.A number of companies are making money using twitter and other social media sites because they are using them to advertise deals and specials and people link back to their websites. Dell reported they have made over $6.5 million because of the help of Twitter.

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