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Do tweets and facebook posts make you money?

umbrella30324947.jpgSince Twitter came into the picture it has been changing the way businesses have been interacting with customers. So many tweets are going out to customers to inform them of great deals and other things. However do these tweets really pay off? How can you tell if using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook will bring in any type of revenue for you?

For starters, assess why you are using social media sites. Did you get on the site to learn about your customers or are you using the site merely to post information? You need to be able to understand social media sites and how they work in order to start posting the right information for your customers. Do not just limit yourself to posting ads on these sites, you have to focus on content. What do your customers want to see from your company? Are they interested in you posting about discounts or are they interested to learn of the new products and things you are working no?

How many people are clicking on the links you post and following them back to your website? If you want to see how the social media sites are making you money, watching your website traffic is the best way to do so. You need to take a look at which posts or tweets are getting people to click on them and head back to your website. The more clicks you get on your website from social media pages, the easier it is for you to see that these sites are working and you need to focus on posting the right content. You can track your website traffic using the free tools from Google Analytics.

Do you get people commenting on your social media pages? If you are getting people to post comments on your social media pages, you will be able to see that you are making progress with social media sites. You do need to respond to the information that your customers are posting in order to show them that you are active with social media and you are trying to find new ways to meet their goals and expectations. Remaining active on social media is the best way to build up a stronger following and to ensure that people are able to see that you do care about them and you are trying to find ways to keep in constant contact with them.

Listen to your customers! This is a vital part of proper social media marketing. If you aren't listening to your customers, you will lose any type of relationship you have been able to build. It all comes down to going into the discussion boards and chat rooms and acting like a fly on the wall when conversations are happening. If you see a conversation that warrants some type of input, feel free to say your two cents and add a link to it as well. This will start to establish your image in the industry and it can get people to start coming back to your website where you can get them to purchase products.

How much time are you devoting to your social media campaign? Do you feel that you are getting a decent return for the amount of time you invest? Initially you may spend a lot of time dealing with the marketing and promotion of social media sites but eventually you can outsource it or even relax a little bit from the amount of time it takes for you to market on social media sites. Get involved in multiple social media platforms from blogging to Facebook and Twitter in order to provide your customers with more information about your company.

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