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Guidelines for using Twitter to promote your business

manrelaxingatdesk30846571.jpgTwitter is proving to a valuable marketing tool, for many businesses. Business owners are finding that Twitter is an effective method to communicate with their target markets and keep their customers up to date with any activities related to the business. However, marketing expert's stress that any company that is accessing Twitter, need to put into place guidelines, when it comes to using this marketing tool, then after the policy is in place, companies should frequently review it.

Having a policy review can be helpful whether one person is doing the Tweeting or a group is responsible.Businesses should periodically call a meeting and focus on what everyone thinks is relevant and should be applied, to any Tweeting that is being done.This way you management can keep all of the employees current with what is happening. Another major benefit is that by revisiting your Twitter policy periodically you will also ensure that your practices will keep current and in pace with the ever changing technology.

When you fall these guidelines you will be making sure that your business is being shown in the best possible light, and your business image is protected. Listed below are some guidelines for using Twitter to promote your business-

  • Have the right person doing the tweets-It is crucial to make sure that you have your most tech savvy employee(s) passing on information to the potential customers, you are seeking to attract.Whoever is writing the tweets should first and foremost have exceptional communication skills, in both the written and verbal areas.Keep in mind that even though the Internet takes a casual approach when it comes to communication, it's not all right to have your business look like a pre-teen is sending out tweets. You need to remember that the employee who is doing the Tweeting is representing your company's image and products/services. To help facilitate this process you may want to establish guidelines (perhaps written) as to what type of communication is acceptable and urge the employee to stick to this list. This person should also be clear and concise in what they are tweeting. This is important since there's nothing is more frustrating then getting information that is contradictory, or flat out wrong.Keep in mind that this often happens when projects are just starting or information about items is released when they are only in the research and development stage.By making sure your Tweets are always up to date the people who are following your company will be much more likely to take you seriously and they will be far more likely to come back, for more information.

  • Determine exactly what the employee who is tweeting is allowed to give out-While it may seem a matter of common sense, not to do this; you may be surprised at how often sensitive company information is leaked. Leaking information or releasing information prematurely is never a good idea. It's also important that your business prohibits and enforces sanctions against attacks on other competing products or businesses. In addition, the business should not condone any talk about fellow employees. This is crucial since these messages can be determined to be slander and you could be held legally responsible. The bottom line is to avoid libel at any cost.

  • Decide exactly how many times your business should Tweet- It is crucial to structure your social media so that you don't overload your target market with random updates that have little or no value. This is why it is important to only use news that is relevant to why people are following your company in the first place. The bottom line is that if a post has little or nothing to do with your company, then the readers will quickly tire of what you have to say and look elsewhere.

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