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How to engage your customers with twitter

mansmiling23262207.jpgTwitter is one of the most popular micro-blogging sites in the world. This amazing social networking site is free and allows you to capture brief information from your followers or people you are following. Quite often newspapers are turning to this micro-blogging site in order to capture information they need to write up credible stories. When the Hudson River plane crash occurred, the crash was initially reported on Twitter along with pictures, which showed a number of news stations just how valuable this website it.

How are you currently using Twitter and are you getting in touch with your customers in the way you should be? Are you engaging your customers? Are people re-tweeting your information? Sometimes the problem isn't with the information you are posting, it is with the person that is posting it. Having a "real" person on twitter to interact with your customers and post personable information will actually provide value in the eyes of your customers. They want to see that the information being posted is legitimate and posted by a person, not by a machine.

Referrals on Twitter can also help you engage your customers. What is meant by referrals? Simply referring a name or company to some of your customers by saying "you should talk to @johndoe as I think you will really appreciate the information they have to say." Introducing your customers to other people that they can interact with and get along with can help to increase your engagement with your followers and to build up your reputation as well.

Twitter is a full-time job and if you are managing other social media sites, you aren't going to have enough time to pay attention to it. There are a number of twitter tools you can use that will help you to manage the accounts effectively and will also help you to stay in touch with your customers. TweetDeck is one of the most popular twitter tools that companies and individuals use to get to know one another better and to also categorize people so you can pay attention to the customers you think will really help spread your messages around.

Post tweets that get people talking. You need to use engaging words that make your customers pay attention and gives them a desire to respond to the tweets. This may be a practice you have been following for awhile but you may not be seeing any results from it. Why is this? The information you have been posting may be too repetitive. It's like a coupon that never changes except for the expiration date. You have to post new information, not the same thing with the same "engaging" words over and over again. Don't get stuck in the repetitive posting habit and find ways to break the rules and focus on offering value and something unique for your customers to read.

Use Google Alerts and other tools to monitor social media sites and find out what people are talking about. This can also help you to strengthen your relationships and engage your customers as you have an opportunity to get a jump on the information that is being posted and you can be the company the responds before the others. Writing blog posts and articles that pertain to the information you acquire from Google Alerts will also help you to make a name for yourself in your industry.

Twitter is just like any other social media site as it does take time and experience to learn and to understand what people are really looking for. Be patient with social media sites and look for new ways to interact and engage your customers.

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