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The pivotal dos and don'ts of social media

businessmeeting33030104.jpgOne of the best ways you can establish your companies brand is by using social media sites. Social media sites provide you with a chance to interact with your customers and learn more about their buying patterns and shopping behaviors. When using social media sites, there are some important dos and don'ts you need to understand if you want to generate the right type of response you need from your customers.

Respond to your critics
When it comes to using social media sites, you need to respond to your critics. What are they saying about your company? Are you sitting back and allowing them to say whatever they want about your company and drive your image into the ground. Make sure you are listening to what people are saying and you have to respond to the critics, the good ones and the bad ones.

Engage your customers
One of the biggest mistakes companies make on social media sites is that they do not engage their customers. You need to be able to listen to what your customers are saying by watching the discussion boards closely and then you want to offer them some type of advice or valuable information that will inspire them to do something. Engaging posts will motivate them to send you messages and respond to the information you are posting.

Offer a "human side"
Far too often customers won't respond to posts because they feel like they are generated by a machine. You needshow your customers that there is an actual person on the social media pages and you are listening to your customers and become personable with them. Just beware of becoming too personable as you are trying to build a business reputation and brand. One way to offer a human side to your business is to allow your staff members to branch off the social media pages and create their own business social media pages. This way your employees will be able to build personal relationships with your customers and it helps to strengthen your business relationships.

Remain active
A big problem a number of companies face with social media sites is ignoring them. If you aren't staying active on social media, you will lose your customers in a hurry. You need to do all that you can to build up your following and to show your customers that you do pay attention to your pages. Have employees go in and read the messages and posts and respond to them if you trust them enough to do so. Social media marketing takes time and a lot of effort in order for it to become profitable. Make sure you have plenty of time to devote to social media sites or you will lose your customers.

Connect with your customers
What is the purpose of social media sites? It's not a place for businesses to blitz their customers with ads. Social media sites are a place for people to go and build relationships and strengthen their bond to companies and friends. People go to interact with others; they don't want to see a million messages from your company as you are pushing to meet your sales quota. Find ways in which you can interact with your customers and talk to them on their level. You want to provide them with quality information that they are actively looking for. The more you focus on connecting with your customers, the easier it will be for you to generate new leads and strengthen your relationship with them.

You will have a lot of trial and error when it comes to social media marketing. Have patience and soon you will become profitable as you build stronger relationships and you can attract better customers.

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