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Great ways to grow with social media

groupofmenatlunch30338711.jpgHave you introduced your company to social media and the extra potential it can provide foryour company to generate leads? Social media sites have been thought of as a gold mine for many companies as you can finally acquire market research information for free. You are able to get down on your customers level and find out what they are really thinking about your products and services. You can also listen in on discussions pertaining to your industry in order to acquire additional information that you need to start making better products that are geared toward the needs of your customers. This article will provide you with some great ways you can grow with social media sites.

Free Products
A wonderful way to generate leads and to get new customers interested in your company is to start offering free products to them. The best product you can offer for free is one that is digital and can be offered online for free. Your customers will be able to download it and acquire some type of value from the product. Make sure this product provides plenty of value in order to get your customers interested in learning more and coming back to your company for future product needs. A great digital product to offer is an eBook as this provides a lot of value and they can be pretty large.


The other way to generate great leads with social media sites is by starting discussions with your customers. Discussion groups can really help you to build interest with your customers as you are providing them with immediate answers to information pertaining to your industry. If you start a discussion and no one is participating, try using Twitter to search for discussions that are related to your industry. This will help you to see what your customers are actually interested in and what they are talking about. Head to those discussions and be sure to post a link back to your page or website so your customers can find you.People are interested in having conversations on social media sites, which is why you really need to use the discussion boards to gather the right type of information from your customers and to generate the right leads.

People love to gather information that is valuable. Use YouTube and other sites to create wonderful videos for your customers. Videos provide you with a chance to establish a name for your company in your industry and they can help you to build better relationships with your customers. The videos you create need to satisfy a specific need your customers have in order to build better relationships with them and to also get them interested in watching future videos your company releases. The videos don't always need to be all business; they just need to be memorable. Funny videos are also a great way to advertise your company and to make the video viral so you can start to make your mark in the industry.

Watch for Questions
You need to keep your eyes open for websites where your customers are asking general questions. Start following Yahoo Answers as a number of people go here to ask questions pertaining to just about every industry. By posting the answer and a link back to your website, you will be able to generate more website traffic and it's a great way to brand your business.If you feel the questions deserve larger answers, start posting blogs and place the link back to your website so the customer can go there to read more information.

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